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Friday Feeling!

There have been lots of times already this Friday, and most other Fridays, that we hear people say ‘That can wait until Monday…’Why? Why would you put off or delay a task until Monday when it can be done on a Friday ahead of the weekend? Surely it feels better to leave the office at 5pm (or earlier for some!) knowing that all important tasks have been dealt with, your workspace is tidy, and you are organised for Monday.That should allow you to enjoy the weekend without something hanging over your head and mean that you can come straight into the office prepared and raring to go at the start of a new week. One of the ultimate mistakes employees can make is slowing down past lunchtime on a Friday and not even entering second gear until Monday afternoon. The hours wasted would be equivalent to an extra working day! Imagine the results you could achieve!Nobody likes the realisation of the weekend ending and having the dreaded Sunday evening slump however, perhaps if you were walking into the office with a ticked-off to-do list then you may have more motivation to make the most of the day.Remember… a productive Monday often equals a productive week!#Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment #Zest2Rec #FridayFeeling #GetItDone #ItsNotOverUntilItsOver

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