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Flexible Working Hours!

This is an interesting topic and one of which that is sure to have a big divide in opinions however, Zest 2 Recruitment have both part-time consultants and full-time consultants and we would be keen to hear the opinions of other employers on this matter…Do you, as an employer, feel you get more from your full-time or part-time employees?A common assumption is that if someone is part-time and they only work 3 days a week for example, then they only do 60% of the ‘normal’ workload. However, on the other hand, many par-timers will tell you they do a full-time job in less hours.Does this mean they could be considered more productive and efficient than full-time employees and do they need to be more focused and motivated to get things done since they have a more limited time frame?Full-time team members may sit at their desks for an extra 16 hours or so a week, but would they have much more to show for that time? Are they more likely to put tasks to the bottom of their to-do lists thinking that they ‘always have tomorrow’?Of course, it also goes without saying that ultimately, you will always get the best from your staff if you can offer flexibility!We would be keen to hear other company’s thoughts on this so please do like, share and comment.#Zest2Recruitment #Zest2Rec #Recruitment #PartTime #FullTime #AreYouFlexible

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