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Enthusiasm or Ability

Here at Zest 2 Recruitment, Raj Nasta asks what is more important in a sales professional… enthusiasm or ability?Have you ever heard the expression 99% enthusiasm and 1% ability?If you have 50% ability and 50% enthusiasm then would you consider this to be the perfect combination?Or, should it be 99% ability and 1% enthusiasm?Does it really work having such little ability and can you drive those sales in with shere enthusiasm? We have thought about the 2 ends of the spectrum below…You have an able sales executive that knows the product inside out and has swallowed books like The Art of Closing however, they still can’t get those clients over the finish line. They go back through training and say all the right things and their pitch is perfect but they lack enthusiasm in a big way and and still can’t seem to close.On the flip side, you have an over-enthusistic sales executive with little or no ability however, their shere up beat tempo gets those sales over the line. When asked about the product they know very little but still manage to close sales regularly.So, if you have both then you should be the ultimate sales professional.What is more important ability or enthusiam?#Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment #Sales #EnthusiasmOrAbility #WhatMakesTheIdealSalesPerson #Blogs

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