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Just one more Label, but which one is the most irritating of all?

Like me I’m sure you love using the odd buzzword, or maybe a lot! But they are soooo yesterday! To be on trend you’ve got have a label!

Lots of postsrecently have been asking what ‘label’ is the most irritating. There seemed tobe quite a few! Like thought leader (who is just an expert in their field), visionaryor innovator which, is a wildly overused description for, well just aboutanything!

Let’s face it there’s a lot of labels out there, they pop up quicker than a new stealth tax!

One of the most irritating is ‘digital migrant’, (although prefixing anything with digital is annoying as digital is pretty standard stuff these days), which is basically anyone who wasn’t born using a smartphone or tablet before they learnt to talk (and lets face it some still haven’t 🤔 😉 😆!).

So, who’s toblame? Millennials, of course! (and why not, we blame them for most things!)

X Gens (catchingup and learning on the go!) don’t get off lightly though, er ….#Snowflake!

So, next timeyou’re stuck, don’t try and figure it out, instead when in doubt create alabel! and in doing so, it will automatically legitimise anything andeverything we don’t understand.

Job done!

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