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Is social media the changing face of advertising and sales?

What does social media mean to you? Any of you or all of you? User's, audience or brands?

Somebelieve that social media is merely the paid for opinion of children…

Withover 20 million accounts appearing across a platform that promotes any kind ofimage, kids’ opinions or not, with followers over 100 million it’s a prettytough act for traditional advertising to follow!

Oneit can’t even dream of getting close with that kind of audience via thetraditional routes!  

Havingas little as a 20k following means you’ll make money off your feed and with a100k following you’re earning a living so; it’s no wonder social media is solucrative on so many levels! 

Itssales pure and simple.

Andwhilst some may say its possibly seen its day, we say keep it cute or keep itmute. Social media is all about selling consistency, and with consistency comessales!

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