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Do you make your own luck in sales or get lucky?

Here at Zest 2 Recruitment our Managing Director - Raj Nasta, has been discussing whether within sales we make our own luck or get lucky.Raj Nasta has always said to his Sales Executives ‘if you’re having a good day, get on the phone and equally… if you’re having a bad day, get on the phone!’ The fundamentals of this statement are that regardless of how your day or week is going, our job is defined by how much we communicate with our clients and candidates. When the week isn’t going our way, the only solution to that is to make more calls and stack the odds in our favour.We are sure most sales professionals would have heard ‘the best time to sell is after you have just sold!’ So, is this because we’ve been lucky with a sale? Or because we are consistently making our own luck by getting ourselves out there?Although we all know that sales is a numbers game to a certain extent, you will still find the top sales people continuing to close deals well after the targets have been hit!We keen to know your thoughts on this… please like, comment and share!As always, if you’re a candidate that makes their own luck by picking up the phone and are considering a move then please do call us to hear about our current opportunities. If you are a client that would like to feel lucky by working with an elite, specialist Sales and Investments agency then please do also give us a call to discuss how we can assist you.

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