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Do top sales executives make good managers?

What is it that makes makes a good sales professional?And, what is it that makes a good manager?Good sales people are normally selfish, greedy, money hungry and quite ruthless. So, considering this should they be moved into management, or should they stay on the frontline?Quality managers are sometimes the opposite by being, a good team player, can show empathy, understand how to performance manage and know how to get the best out of people?Over the years, I Raj Nasta have made the mistake of promoting my top sellers into managerial positions and this has caused many problems, as most of the time they have very little empathy with staff and just think why can’t their team do as well as themselves when they were in that position.Everyone has different motivators, some wish to have a position of power, although in my opinion a position of power is being top of the leader board. Others think being a manager is power and that then goes to their head and they make all the wrong decisions for the business.So to summerise, if you want to go into management and you are making the change over from sales, then take a step back and give your staff the dedicated time needed to be developed as people are unique, therefore grow at different stages with a complete variation of time.I would be interested to here thoughts from all those managers that have made the trasition from sales…. Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment.#zest2recruitment #salestomanagement #powercrazymanagers #topoftheleaderboard

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