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Day Zero

Here at Zest 2 Recruitment, our MD – Raj Nasta has been discussing the topic of whether or not it is our responsibility to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible even after the offer and acceptance from our candidates. We think it is!As a Recruiter, it is part of our duty and care to our candidates that we educate clients effectively on how to conduct themselves at interview along with the detrimental effect it can have on a recruiter if not done correctly.Every company will say they are the best in their business, a fun place to work and growing at a rate of knotts. However, I have heard this over and over again! Surely a client should at least lay out the facts on what they actually have? Whilst, of course, selling their company which can be done without elaborating the truth.So, let’s go back to ‘DAY ZERO!’‘Day zero’ is a term I have used for over 20 years and it refers to everything that is disucssed before an employee starts their new career. Everything should be detailed from employment contracts, hours of work, annual leave, progression plans with agreed peramiters and many more. If this is covered correctly then on ‘DAY ONE’ you will avoid many issues that could arise.We have recently heard from a company that they did not add ‘pro-rata’ to the contract in relation to annual leave. The candidate accepted the role (in June!) and believed they still had an allowance of 20 working days to use in the remaining 6 months of the year. Something which the company was not impressed with but ultimately had to negotiate a decision of which both parties were happy with. If this had been covered before the start date then the issue would have been well resolved way before hard feelings.We believe and understand that every recruiter and every recruitment process is different so that led us to ask…What part of the recruitment process would you say is ‘DAY ZERO?’Interested to hear everyones thoughts so please do feel free to comment and share!#Zest2Recruitment #Recruiting #DayZero #Blog

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