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CV Advice!

What is a CV… a historical document or a selling tool?Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment has seen tens of thousands of CVs over the years, in many different formats and levels of experience.The most important thing in any document of this kind is the first paragraph, prospective employers won’t read past this unless something jumps out at them.Things to put in the first few lines are typical buzz words like:

  • A self-motivated and driven individual
  • An experienced and competent manager
  • A lateral thinker with a successful track record
  • Instrumental in establishing a new department
  • Dynamic and diligent professional

There are so many ways to write a CV however, as long as you get the main points out quickly it will be read in full.I would like to know what key words should be in the first paragraph of a CV?#Zest2Rec #CVWriting #Recruitment #SellingTool #Zest2Recruitment #RajNasta

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