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Candidate databases – Recruitment Agency or Job Board?

Is there an advantage using job boards to source for candidates over a recruitment agencies own database?When I first got into recruitment at the turn of the century, job boards were not a typical sourcing tool, in fact 50% of my clients didn’t even have internet or emails.Sourcing for candidates would be picking up the phone, handing out leaflets, getting referrals, etc. As recruiters I think we have begun to rely on cv databases, which gives us a false sense of security or creates a ‘false ecomony’ as they say…So, I Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment ask all the recruiters out there what works for you, using your own internal database of candidates or using job boards to source Cvs, or both?Since we as an agency have stopped using job boards our talent pool is much stronger and my consultants are making twice the amount of calls.Back to basics recruitment will always work.Interested to hear your thoughts?#zest2recruitment #backtobasics #backtotheold #zest2rec

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