Calling in sick on a Monday!

How many times as a manager have you had that call first thing on a Monday morning saying, ‘I don’t feel very well and can’t make it to work?’It will always be under scruteny calling in sick on a Monday morning, however the facts remain that more than a third of sickleave is taken on a Monday!Why is that I wonder, ‘I felt fine on Sunday morning when I got back from a night out at 7am and had all day Sunday to recover?’I have heard all the exuses under the sun about why people cannot make it to work, so have become a little sceptical as the years have gone on…Why do people take sickleave?Is it because they just don’t take work seriously, or, they just think it is acceptable to have a day off as and when they feel like it…I Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment would like to know what excuses you have heard as a hiring manager, or equally what excuses you may have given to your employer?#zest2recruitment #sickmondays #takeworkseriously #sickleave #rajnasta

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