Calling All Cold Callers…

Wednesday is here again and today, we are discussing the sometimes-dreaded term ‘Cold Callers.’

Lately, we have noticed a rise in this topic being discussed on various networking sites with many professionals making a compelling case both for and against cold calling.

Is it now a thing of the past?

With so many more means of communication nowadays than past times, does picking up the phone and taking such a direct response come across as abrupt and unnecessary?

Many professionals will say it does! However, in the sales industry especially, this is still a key part of the way businesses are run.

Should we all stop wasting time on emails?

Emails are great to follow up on conversations and to put something in writing, but this could be considered a waste of time unless you really know whether your services are needed. Even us as a business receive several unsolicited emails offering products and services that are completely irrelevant to us!

Surely, it would have been much more efficient and productive to pick up the phone and spend very little time to quickly establish whether your prospect needs something you offer?

We want to know your thoughts! Please comment and share your ideas with us.

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