Call yourself an Expert?

Evenbeen given the advice, you need an expert? Because experts are experts!

Butis there more to these people who get paid a lot of money for acting andtalking as if they know all the answers?

Everstopped to consider they are experts because they play it safe and if so why? Wellthat’s easy because they have a lot to lose if they don't play it safe! 

Expertsstick closely to the rules and offer advice that probably won't get them intotoo much hot water if it all goes to pot! However, an expert will oftenoverlook the obvious, or they dismiss it as unworkable, they dismiss ideas thatcould be successful with just a little experimentation and improvisation.

Practice! No one becomes an expert at anythingovernight; it takes time. So, don’t be afraid to stumble and even fail!  Next time you thinkyou need an expert, take 5 and ask yourself whose more of an expert? You mayjust surprise yourself!

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