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Business as Usual

This #humpday has got us thinking about how long it takes to get back into the swing of things in an office environment.

Is it business as usual already? Or are most of your team still eating leftover Christmas selection boxes and talking about what they found under their trees?

We can only speak for ourselves and we are somewhat pleased to find that the festivities seem to be a distant memory! It is all systems go here, with January notoriously being a busy month in recruitment when many individuals go back to the office after time spent at home and realise, they hate their jobs… or their team… or their manager!

We want to know, are you full of the New Year positivity and can-do attitude? Have you got a shiny new notepad proudly displayed on your tidy desk which hosts all of your 2019 goals?

If the answer is no, and you happen to be surrounded by sweet wrappers attempting not to make eye contact with any of your colleagues and fantasising about what a new role could look like for you then perhaps give us a call.

We have many opportunities both near and far which offer amazing earning potential and unrivalled career satisfaction with reputable companies. Therefore, much like crispy goose-fat roast potatoes on your Christmas dinner, they won’t hang around for long!

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