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Britain set to bake!

The weather today, and the promise of heatwaves over the next week or so, has definitely given us our #MondayMotivation at Zest 2 Recruitment.The overall chirpiness of our candidates, clients and even neighbours has been somewhat brighter than if it were a grey and grizzly Monday which got us thinking… should we all be making hay whilst the sun shines? (Pardon the pun!)As there is a noticeable difference in us Brits mood because of all these UV’s, then surely it should be a great time to capitalise on sales. Naturally in Britain, we tend to be in better spirits whilst the weather is warm (probably because it doesn’t happen often!) and when is there a better time to close a deal than when your prospects are happy?!Be mindful that lots of people will ultimately try and escape the office early come Friday afternoon in favour of a beer garden to soak up some Vitamin D so make sure every call and pitch that’s made is as scorching as the sun!Have a momentous week everyone, and don’t forget the factor 50…#Zest2Recruitment #Zest2Rec #Recruitment #MondayMotivation #BritainSetToBake #Heatwave

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