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Bouncing Back!

If you have a bad sales call, what do you do to bounce back?

Do you simply just pick up the phone and make another?

Or, do you make a few minor changes before making the next?

There are many ways to do this, although no set formula…

It really boils down to you and your mind set, so let’s investigate what makes this process a little easier!

  1. Maybe go back to basics and stand up whilst being on the phone, it is a known fact that whilst standing up your lungs are more open, therefore making you sound more confident.
  2. Smiling is a massive attribute to how you sound on the phone, if you smile it can be heard on the other end.
  3. Before you pick up the phone, assume you will get the sale, and this will have a massive impact on the outcome.
  4. Have an objective to achieve as without this you won’t know where to take it.
  5. Finally ask for the business as the worst that could happen is you are told no!

It is all about bouncing back as eventually someone will say yes….

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