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Are KPI’s a thing of the past?

Here at Zest 2 Recruitment, we have been discussing the current relevance of Key Performance Indicators within the sales arena. We have clients on both ends of the spectrum…Some of our clients are keen to enforce the minimum requirements in terms of the volume of outbound calls and call durations and they make sure their staff are under no illusion about what is expected however, on the other hand some of our clients are not interested as such in the statistics and are purely concerned about the bottom line which is often the revenue brought into the company.We see both sides of the argument here and almost all our consultants have worked in environments previously where KPI’s have been a ‘success indicator.’ With many of our Senior Consultants having built their careers in target-driven environments, we understand the importance of smashing targets and bringing in revenue as well as identifying the measurements to help us ascertain the level of effort that needs to go in to achieve such goals.We all know the age-old sales sayings such as ‘it only takes one good call,’ ‘every no is closer to a yes’ and ‘it’s a numbers game.’ So, what are your thoughts?Should we be looking at the statistics behind each sale and does that help us fine tune the expectations in terms of the output required to achieve the desired return? Or, should we be encouraging and nurturing natural sales ability whilst trusting that a hungry sales-person will achieve their target whether they make 10 calls or 100?Please feel free to like, comment and share our post. We are intrigued to know how candidates and clients alike feel about this topic.As always, if we can assist you in any way to find your next career opportunity or to help expand your current team then please do contact us on 01293 312 065. #Zest2Recruitment

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