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All that glistens is not gold…

We’ve been thinking a lot lately about appearances, not how to improve our own, but whether first impressions from somebody’s appearance are still as pivotal as they used to be.There seems to be a lot of articles emerging regarding the way professionals now dress and look overall and with our everchanging society, there are divides in opinions.Should professionals still be expected to dress in ‘business attire’ or, is this now becoming a thing of the past with such big brands such as Facebook and Google adopting a more laid-back culture and allowing a casual dress code.Does a suit define you or your skills?Of course, in certain situations, business attire can be favourable. However, in the modern world of day to day work… surely an individuals productivity should be measured by results and not whether they prefer to work in jeans and a t-shirt.What are your thoughts? Don’t be shy, please come forward and let us know whether you embrace a power suit or flip-flops!#Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment #Zest2Rec #AllThatGlistensIsNotGold #WearIt #WorkIt

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