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Aggressive behaviour in a work environment!

Do we live in a World whereby we don’t say what should be said, I mean in School these days a teacher is not allowed to reprimand kids like in the old days?I remember the good old corporal punishment days, if I were to be rude to a teacher it was simple, I had the choice of the dreaded ‘slipper’ or ‘cane!’So, do we let members of staff push the limits so much to the point that, aggressive behaviour becomes normality?Corporal punishment taught you respect in others and I think today, or should I say in the past few decades we allow the younger generation to constantly blame others!So, if someone was born in an earlier generation and they are acting like this, what excuse would they have today?#Zest2Rec #CorporalPunishment #RajNasta #Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment

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