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Agency or In-House Recruitment?

Here at Zest 2 Recruitment, we have been discussing the pros and cons of using an Agency vs using your own In-House Recruitment Team.We have a wide array of clients that we deal with on a daily basis ranging from large corporates to smaller companies and sometimes start-up businesses and we hear all the usual objections regarding paying agency fees or even discussing requirements with an agency. Of course, it could be considered that we are slightly biased and in favour of agency recruitment however, we have tried to see both sides of the argument here.When writing this blog, we immediately thought of one particular client which is a huge corporate company with Internal Recruiters based in each country of operation yet Zest 2 Recruitment still make up a large amount of their new starters. Why is this do we think? Are Internal Recruiters limited to the talent they attract? Could it be that they are not seeing the potential in candidates and are not reaching out to the ones who do not tick every box on paper? All us Recruiters know that what is on a CV and what that person actually represents can be entirely different… some of the best sales professionals have the most basic CVs.One line of thought we had was that perhaps companies believe it to be more cost-effective by bringing the recruitment process in-house. The counter-argument to this would be that if the agency you are currently using is solely concerned about fees then perhaps they are not the agency you should be using. Although percentages and fees should be a critical point that both parties are happy with, there is more to finding the ideal candidate than how much they cost. Perhaps time should be the first thing invested? Time spent with the agency you are working with to allow them to fully understand your needs and requirements. Time spent to fully explain the company’s culture, vision and future. Time spent to really create a picture of the ideal candidate.If the agency you are working with knows the company inside out and upside down then surely that is as effective as having a team of Internal Recruiters? With the best bit being you only spend money when the results are in. At Zest 2 Recruitment, we like to make sure we act and feel as though we are a company’s recruitment arm of their business… we just work remotely.We are interested in other recruiters, clients and candidates’ views on Agency vs In-house Recruitment so please do share your thoughts.#Zest2Rec #Recruitment #AgencyOrInHouse #WorkingWithYouOrWorkingForYou #Business

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