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5 Reasons Why...

Our latest blog from Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment is about the 5 main reasons why using a specialist agency is more effective than using a well-known, multi-discipline agency.Firstly, we hear a lot of the time that our clients find it easier to only deal with one Recruitment Agency as a pose to using several specialists and this is understandable as time often is a crucial factor. However, surely you wouldn’t look to find a house builder that could also cut your hair?Our key points for why specialist is always more valuable below…

  1. Knowledge

Seems obvious although, many Recruiters claim to have it in abundance. If you choose a Specialist Consultant, they will always have a deeper knowledge of your industry, the markets and ultimately of the candidates you would like to attract.

  1. Networking

A Specialist Consultant will spend their work life talking to people within your realm. Therefore, their network of potential candidates and/or clients will always be more substantial and more recent.

  1. Understanding

Specialists will always understand the good and bad points about an industry. They will know why candidates may be reluctant to make a move at certain times of the year, they will understand why candidates may have restrictive clauses, the list goes on. They ‘get’ it, from both sides!

  1. Efficiency

If you choose to use an agency that doesn’t necessarily have a wealth of experience when it comes to recruiting for something niche, then it could take longer to reach the end goal. They will not have been able to forecast bumps in the road as easily as someone who knows the process inside out!

  1. Cost-Effective

By using a Specialist Agency, this will save you money in the long-run as the success rate will be high from the beginning. A Specialist Consultant will likely get it right within the first round of interviews as they will be sending you a selection of candidates all with the correct experience. Time is money as we know so there is no use in wasting it by interviewing candidates that do not have the relevant experience and skills. They may have been put forward by a multi-discipline agency as they do not truly understand what they are looking for. Please call us on 01293 312 065 if we can assist you in any way whether you are a client, candidate or just need some advice!#Zest2Recruitment #Zest2Rec #Recruitment #RajNasta #Blogs #5ReasonsWhy #Specialists

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