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5 General Sales Tips!

You can never forget the very basics of telesales! However, we sometimes get too comfortable in a job whereby we forget the fundamentals of how we got there in the first place!

So, let’s look at the very basics which generally, we should use on a day to day basis.

  1. Always believe you will get a result before you even pick up the phone! I mean let’s face it, if you don’t then how are you supposed to close the sale?
  2. Know your product or service as this will only give you credibility.
  3. Look at things from your customers point of view, put on their shoes.
  4. There is a rule I follow, which I call 25/5. This means out of 30 minutes your customer should be talking for 25 and you for about 5, this means you are letting them speak about themselves… which everybody loves to do.
  5. Make sure you ask for the business, what’s the worst that can happen? You get told NO!

There are so many more things that can be added to this and is a subject that is never ending however, from a general point of view it works.

What sales tips work for you well rounded sales professionals out there…

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